5 advantages of Aiers for OEM high-end watches

Custom watches have a wide range of applications, whether it is sales, corporate business gifts, holiday gifts, event promotions, team memorials, anniversaries, etc., you can customize an exclusive personalized watch. The personalized customization service of Aiers has been recognized by nearly 2000 customers, so what advantages do Aiers have?

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1. Rich experience in watchmaking

From the previous processing and production of clock and watch accessories to now making high-end watches, Aiers has undergone 26 years of development, specializing in providing mid-to-high-end fashion watch OEM, customized watch style design-production packaging-distribution and after-sales one-stop For services, there are well-known brands such as Colony, Valentino, and Disney in the case.

2, a strong designer team

Aiers hires high-paying Korean emerging mainstream designers and Chinese professional arts and crafts artists, integrating Eastern and Western aesthetic appeal, simple and elegant, according to your requirements, the effect design draft can be produced within 1-3 days, and Aiers promises, such as If you are not satisfied with the watch design, you will never charge a penny.

3, advanced equipment, quickly meet your customized needs

With its own workshop and imported CNC machine tools, it can meet your customization needs at different levels. Aiers is the earliest MP3 watch manufacturer in China, which can perform MP3 watches, 18K gold, all tungsten steel, all steel, multi-function sports, automatic Various series of watches such as machinery are customized.

4, intelligent management system

Aiers adopts an intelligent management system from product production to the company’s system management to calmly deal with the increasingly high technical content and complexity of the process requirements to ensure that the quality of the products achieves high standards. The intelligent management system is used in management to ensure that the management is in place and the quality is strictly controlled to ensure that every product produced meets the needs of customers.

5. High-quality after-sales service

Each watch produced by Aiers Watch Factory can be guaranteed for one year. It is a professional watch repairer hired for more than 10 years to repair the watch, and it can be returned within 3 days.

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Al time pays close attention to the needs and demands of consumers, keeps innovating, and creates a wider range of multi-element practical watch styles. It has won the recognition and praise of many customers. Welcome to consult and understand.

Post time: Aug-04-2020
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