A brief introduction to the chamfering of the watch making process

A brief introduction to the chamfering of the watch making process

The simpler the chamfering of the watch making process is often the most difficult. This is the experience summarized by the Altime watch manufacturer in the watch OEM production for 26 years. For example: Simplicity watch design is only used for reading: Clockwise, minutes, small seconds, and even no calendar function, but through the superb chamfering technology, you can appreciate the beauty of the movement parts and the corners of the splint full of curves. The chamfering of the watch making process is another kind of beauty that can only be seen in the field of high-end mechanical watches. Today, the Altime watch manufacturer will introduce to you the chamfering of the watch making process.

1.In the machining process of the machine center, the more hollow parts are more difficult to handle, and it takes more time to process; the watch has a unique octagonal case, and a double balance wheel structure at 8 o’clock, double pendulum As the name suggests, in the original pendulum group, a set of balance wheels and silk are added in the opposite direction of rotation. “Connected to each other by the central axis, one turning left and the other turning right to reduce the influence of gravity on walking accuracy. The double-arrow-shaped swing wheel bridge plate symbolizes its superb chamfering and polishing process. As the visual center, the balance wheel bridge The plate is full of arcs, both ends are slightly arrow-shaped, and the bridge body is connected with the balance wheel shaft to form another small arc.

2.When chamfering the core parts of the machine, you must master the strength so as not to be too deep or protruding too much. “The two sides of the wheel bridge are hollowed, so a single bridge has more than a dozen cross-sections that need to be chamfered, which also includes a very difficult inner corner.

3.Similarly, the splint on the clock box uses such a hollow design, not to expose the clock box, but to leave more space for the chamfer. Don’t let the beautiful machine structure be blocked, the golden automatic childcare is also greatly hollowed out, only Abby in the middle. The corners of jewel bearings and other holes and gear train parts are also chamfered and polished. The whole watch is on the hollow and double balance wheel, the chamfering is definitely a major factor to increase its appreciation!

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Post time: Sep-11-2020
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