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Hollowed out watch is a craft. It is just like paper cutting in ancient Chinese culture. They all have formed patterns. The extra parts should be removed. The craftsmanship should be proficient. The finished products should be free from any unnecessary cumbersome. The watchmaker, based on the movement, first uses a needle to drill holes into small holes to remove excess metal, and then carves The knife embellishes all edges with 45 ° angle bevel and carves different patterns on the movement surface. In this extremely aesthetic process, they also have to minimize the obstacles in the perspective of the underlying movement, so the customized hollowed out watches are fashionable.
It is said that hollowing out is a craft, but in fact, more and more brands are making all the dials hollowed out. On the one hand, it highlights the beauty of design, on the other hand, it also allows the wearer to enjoy the beautiful operation and rhythm of the watch. Even if you really don’t know watch and only love fashion, you will find it retro and stylish. What’s more, the wholesale price of this kind of hollowed out watch without any function or other technology is relatively expensive. You can choose it to show your personality.
AIERSHI hollowed out watch wholesale, the price like the master of movement, eliminate the extra miscellaneous expenses, give you the most affordable price, welcome customers to come to consult.
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Post time: Aug-29-2020
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