What is a crown?

The crown, which is commonly known as “the crown” or “the crown (a way of speaking in southern my country)”, is the most common position on the watch outside the three o’clock position.
The history of the crown

The glory period of the crown can be traced back to the popular era of pocket watches. This device, which was originally used for winding purposes, was cherished and placed at the top 12 o’clock position of the case, and hence the name “Crown”. A clock with a crown is like completing a solemn coronation, because only the crown can reinject vitality and soul into a stationary clock.

The appearance of the watch changed the position of the crown. To avoid conflict between the crown and the strap, the crown was moved to the 3 o’clock position commonly used in modern watches. There is a view that the offset crown creates an aesthetic obstacle to the watch, because its existence breaks the visual balance of the watch. Since then, many watches (mostly seen in quartz watches) even cancel the crown design.
Crown classification

Ordinary crown: Pull out directly to adjust the time. For watches with a calendar, the first gear is for adjusting the calendar, and the second gear is for adjusting the time.

Screw-in crown: also known as spiral crown, the crown is screw-locked. After turning the crown counterclockwise, the crown is unlocked and can be used normally. The screw-type crown can effectively improve the waterproof function of the watch. Pay attention to locking the crown after operation.

Crown with shoulder guard: Both sides of the crown have independent protruding shoulder-like designs. Since the crown is the most vulnerable part of the watch, many sports watches will have a crown shoulder design to protect the crown from being damaged.

Crown with protective bridge: There is a bridge-type protective module on the outside of the crown. This type of crown is more common in diving watches, or some special models (such as Panerai), in addition to protecting the crown, there is also a compression crown to play a corresponding waterproof role.
Crown shape

Fruit type, octagonal, gear type, onion crown, hip-hop crown, spiral crown, folding crown


Crown decoration

Crown with gems: diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds (emeralds), emeralds, spinels, etc.

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Post time: Oct-13-2020
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