How to maintain gold-plated watches

The gold-plated layer on gold-plated watches is mostly 14K gold, which contains a certain amount of silver in addition to 58.5% pure gold. After the silver reacts with some volatile industrial waste gas in the air, a black silver sulfide film will be produced on the surface, which will make the gold-plated watch lose its golden luster. Therefore, wearing gold-plated watches should avoid exposure to chemicals and exhaust gas, such as coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and sulfur soap, and always keep gold-plated watches dry and clean. It is best to wipe with a flannel once a week. In addition, the chloride in sweat is very corrosive to gold-plated watches. When gold-plated watches are stained with sweat, they should be wiped clean in time to avoid sweat erosion and the watch loses its original luster.

The yellow-plated layer of a yellow-plated watch is a metal film composed of copper, zinc, and aluminum alloy. If it is not well maintained, it will easily fade and lose its luster. Before wearing a yellow-plated watch, wipe the case with a clean soft cloth, and evenly apply a layer of colorless nail polish, and then wear it after drying, and then apply it every 1 to 2 months. After such a treatment, not only can the color of the yellow-plated watch be maintained without being worn, but it can also increase its surface brightness, and at the same time can prevent sweat and moisture from entering the watch in the hot summer.

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How to use and maintain the gold-plated strap

If you use a gold-plated watchband, if you don’t pay attention to maintenance, the watchband will fade quickly, and some even discolor the whole piece, which is very ugly.

The gold-plated layer of domestic gold-plated watchbands is generally only 0.0003 mm. So, how to protect this thin gold layer?

1. In summer, you should wipe off corrosive sweat and dirt at any time. When you sweat a lot, it is best to take off the watch or not use the gold-plated strap.

2. To avoid friction between the strap and rough and sharp objects, it is also necessary to avoid heavy pressure on the strap and rain.

3. If the gold-plated layer of the strap falls off, it should be re-plated.

Post time: Oct-21-2020
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