It is very important for the finished product rendering for doing custom watches

Customized watches, as long as they are not customized, usually have finished product renderings! The reason why we do not need to produce finished product renderings for sample customization is because the sample itself represents the finished product! However, many people may not have applied the rendering correctly, and do not know why the finished image is so important!
Why is the finished product rendering important?

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It is important to customize the finished product of the watch because it is actually a comparison in the later period, because we may be able to understand the general appearance of a watch from the beginning of the graphic design, but the graphic design is actually to highlight a special design. There will be a certain angle of presentation, such as specifically showing you the needle, or specially showing a design on the watch, which will make you ignore other aspects of design. The finished product rendering is a three-dimensional simulation of this watch, which allows you to directly see the future presentation of the watch, so it is more worthy of everyone’s attention than the graphic design drawing. Through this drawing, we can also truly feel The true look of this custom watch.

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How to use the finished renderings?
First of all, it must be used correctly at the beginning, and it is best to produce a finished product rendering when the first draft of the floor plan is finalized, so that it is easy to put forward revision opinions in time. The second is to keep it for comparison, and compare it with the watches produced in the later customized watches to see if there are any inconsistencies!

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Finally, a reminder to everyone: For those who are preparing custom watches, the most important thing is to choose a reliable and qualified watch with a good reputation, a high-quality design team, and a one-to-one design service. If this manufacturer cannot customize the one-to-one service, the time for you to get the finished renderings may be later, and it may also affect the production of subsequent watches. If you have relatively high requirements for the time of watch customization It is recommended that you choose a one-to-one service company.

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Post time: Jun-16-2020
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