Self-taught watch repair and maintenance methods

Watches have played an increasingly important role in our daily lives, because we have to deal with watches every day. Because time is money. Time is very important to everyone. At the same time, time is also a very fair thing, he is the same for everyone. Some people make good use of their time, and their future life path will be more spacious. Since the watch is so important.


1. How to teach yourself watch repair and maintenance

If your watch is a mechanical watch, my suggestion is that it is best to maintain it every 2 to 3 years. This can be covered for ordinary mechanical watches. Maintenance that is too short or that is too long is not advisable. The current market can provide a 5-year warranty service. I think everyone should look at this issue in a correct way. When we encounter strong vibrations in our lives, we must pay attention at this time! At this time, our watches may suffer a little damage. This damage is mainly for the parts of the movement. So when we choose to buy a watch, we should buy a watch that is related to our usual life habits. If the movement is damaged, I suggest to send it directly to a professional maintenance center for repair.

Second, what are the methods of self-taught watch repair and maintenance

Our lives are full of magnetic fields. It is a bit impossible to stay away from the magnetic field, which is obvious in our lives. The Liezi I want to talk about is the Liezi for mobile phones. A mobile phone is an object with strong magnetism. If our watch encounters a strong magnetic object, it will easily stop and go. Therefore, in daily maintenance, we still try to stay away from items with large magnetic fields. If it stops, we must demagnetize. Only when the magnetic field is retracted, our watch can be used normally. Demagnetization is also very simple in our lives. We only need to look up relevant information in this regard from large websites. You know how to demagnetize.

Post time: Dec-30-2020
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