The maintenance knowledge for your Mechanical / automatic watches

It is good to have a lovely wrist watch,especially got a nice quality high-end watch.You should know how to take good care of it by learning proper care.

It is very important to take good care of the automatic watches,so you have to know there is a common and hassle-free ways to take good care of an automatic timepieces.

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You need have a common knowledge of do’s and don’ts when cleaning and maintaining any Ladies automatic watches or Men automatic watches.

Clean it every night

It is a simple way to clean the dust and other dirt on watch dial,watch crystal,watch strap,watch buckle.

It is recommended to clean it with a soft cloth and be mindful not to broken the watch face by over press,when it is a non-water-proof watch.

If it is a waterproof watch,you can prepare water and any mild soap,plus a soft piece of cloth or a cleaning brush with soft bristles.Please make sure the crown is at the proper position,then you can clean the watch by brushing the strap and other parts.Otherwise the water may cause permanent damage to the watch.

Last,dry the watch and keep it safe.


Remove your watch before taking shower

It is recommend that do not wear any watches when taking a shower.Some wrist watches not have the capacity to withstand the temperature of hot water.

Heat causes the gaskets to expand at time,thus it loosens the seals the prevents the water from entering the watch inside.

Most of the time,the damage are not obvious until you notice the fog in the watch.

Wear it

Your watch is a daily accessory.If you are not using it,your automatic watch won’t work well.

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An important part of any automatic watch maintenance tips guide is preventive care and maintenance.

Please keep in mind that wearing the automatic watch every day is the best way to wind.It need more time on your wrist than keeping it in the box.

If it stop from long time no wear it,the best thing to do is wind the watch carefully by yourself.

Gently shake and wear the watch for an automatic type,or turn the crown if it is a self-winding watch.

If you choose to wind it using the crown, make sure the crown is in the right position and then turn it for 20 or 30 spins. Do not over wind it and take a halt if you feel resistance while turning it to prevent accidentally breaking the mainspring.

Have your watch serviced by a professional

Even the world’s famous watch brands still require their customers to have their watches checked by watch professionals occasionally.This is to prevent the unwanted proliferation of moisture from the outside that may harm your watch.

Also,this is one way to know if some of its parts or gears are almost worn out and need to be replaced. This way, it will not affect your watchs performance.

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Taking good care of your watch and maintaining its perfect working conditions are repetitive and delicate. Yet in the end you get to understand the point an automatic watch, though small as it may seem, is still a machine. It needs care and it needs you.

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Post time: May-21-2020
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