What is the difference between the high and low grades of customized watches from national watch manufacturers?

What is the difference between the high and low grades of customized watches from national watch manufacturers?


Compared with branded watches, custom watches actually have a lot of peculiarities, because some people may not particularly understand the craftsmanship and methods of custom watches, and sometimes they don’t know the prices quoted by watch manufacturers across the country. How to choose, in fact, there are high and low grades of custom watches. Today, the national watch manufacturer Al Shi will talk about it.


1. The movement of the watch.

If it is a high-end watch, its movement must be relatively good. Nowadays, there are different types of customized watches when choosing funds, such as quartz movements.

Most women only pay attention to the style and not the movement when customizing ladies quartz watches. This is wrong. Especially when customizing high-end watches, the movement of the watch is very important. A good movement is in the application process. The medium is very good, the error of travel time is very small.

2. Watch hands.

There are different styles and types of hands, the more beautiful the craft is, the more complicated the price is more expensive, and its grade will be higher.

Now the functions of watches have become more and more diversified. In addition to simple functions, there are many other functions, such as calendar windows, etc. These functions will also affect the grade of customized watches to a certain extent.

Generally speaking, custom-made watch manufacturers will introduce the price difference of different high and low-grade watches in detail on the official website. Some high-end watches can be customized in one piece. For details, please refer to the requirements of national watch manufacturers for customization. If you need custom watches, no matter what You can consult our online customer service for any requirements for the number of customized watches. Our online customer service will also give you a real-time quotation and give you a detailed introduction.


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Post time: Sep-14-2020
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