What should I do if my watch is magnetized? Teach you degaussing tips

It is normal for mechanical watches to be magnetized. In daily life, we are always inseparable from various electrical appliances, mobile phones, computers, TVs, etc.

Watches often appear next to these electrical appliances. After being magnetized, it will affect the timekeeping of the watch, or stop directly.

How to judge whether the watch is magnetized?

First put a compass next to the watch to see if the compass fluctuates slightly. If there is, it is magnetized, otherwise, it is not magnetized.

If there is no compass, the most direct way is to watch the time. The slow time is mostly due to magnetism (not necessarily all).

Why does magnetism affect travel time?

The operation of the watch movement is realized by countless mechanical rotating parts.

Under the influence of magnetic force, the mechanical parts of the watch are attracted by the magnetic force, and of course the gears will not rotate. After the magnetism disappears, the machine can move on its own again. However, because the mechanical parts in the watch are close to the magnet, they will be magnetized, so the rotation process will be greatly affected. The obvious performance is that the watch is slow.

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How to degauss the watch?

Method 1: Professional degaussing.

Magnetization is a relatively common phenomenon. The solution is not difficult. You only need to go to the authorized maintenance department to use special equipment to demagnetize. In just 30 seconds, the watch can be demagnetized, which will not affect the performance of the watch.

Method 2: Degauss by itself.

Find an iron block with a hollow shape in the middle that is not affected by magnetization and stand it firmly on the table. Then the magnetism on the watch can be “sucked” by the iron block to restore the watch to normal. You can also spend dozens of dollars to buy a degaussing device, which is convenient to use when the watch is magnetized.

In fact, in the daily degaussing situation of our watches, find a watch store to trouble the master to help degauss. The general watch store will provide free service. After all, degaussing does not require too much technology. Generally, watch shops have degaussers. That’s it, very convenient.

The above is how to demagnetize the watch by magnetism. In fact, the magnetic field is very harmful to the watch. In daily use, stay away from the magnetic field and electrical appliances as much as possible to make the watch life longer.

Post time: Sep-28-2020
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