• Self-taught watch repair and maintenance methods

    Watches have played an increasingly important role in our daily lives, because we have to deal with watches every day. Because time is money. Time is very important to everyone. At the same time, time is also a very fair thing, he is the same for everyone. Some people make good use of their time,...
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  • How to clean your watch

    The watch movement needs regular oil washing, which, like a car, is a necessary maintenance. The appearance of the watch is actually the same, and it needs to be wiped or cleaned regularly. I usually touch the watch a lot, and the appearance of the watch varies from person to person. It has a lot...
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  • How to maintain gold-plated watches

    The gold-plated layer on gold-plated watches is mostly 14K gold, which contains a certain amount of silver in addition to 58.5% pure gold. After the silver reacts with some volatile industrial waste gas in the air, a black silver sulfide film will be produced on the surface, which will make the g...
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  • What is a buckle?

    The buckle is mostly made of stainless steel and titanium, and is the device for the movable strap in the middle of the watch strap. The composition of the buckle The buckle surface and the bottom frame are composed of the buckle surface and the bottom frame. One end of the buckle surface and the...
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  • Crown

    What is a crown? The crown, which is commonly known as “the crown” or “the crown (a way of speaking in southern my country)”, is the most common position on the watch outside the three o’clock position. The history of the crown The glory period of the crown can be tr...
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  • waterproof

    Overview With the development of the times, the waterproof performance of watches (Water Resistant) has been generally recognized by people. There are two common expressions for waterproof performance, one is the waterproof depth (meters), and the other is the compression value (unit: Bar or ATM)...
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  • Watch mirror

    What is a watch mirror? LOOKING GLASS: The transparent lens on the watch surface, also called watch glass, used to protect the watch surface (dial). Table mirrors can be divided into three categories: plastic mirrors, quartz glass mirrors, and sapphire mirrors according to their materials. Rubber...
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  • What should I do if my watch is magnetized? Teach you degaussing tips

    It is normal for mechanical watches to be magnetized. In daily life, we are always inseparable from various electrical appliances, mobile phones, computers, TVs, etc. Watches often appear next to these electrical appliances. After being magnetized, it will affect the timekeeping of the watch, or ...
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  • What is the watch customization process and which one is better

    If you want to customize a watch, how to choose a custom watch manufacturer, and what is the process of watch customization? As an experienced manufacturer of word-of-mouth, Aiershi Watches are trustworthy in terms of quality and service. In the customization process, Airsys will provide each cus...
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  • How to choose the source of ladies watches?

    he development of watches has become more and more popular with female consumers, because now the positioning of watches is no longer about reading time, but for accessories. A good ladies watch, worn on a woman’s wrist, can add a woman’s perfect temperament and charm. The ladies wat...
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  • School celebration gift watch custom manufacturer-Aiershi custom service

    When the school celebration gift watch custom manufacturer chooses Al, professional design team, high-end watch gift customization service, you provide your ideas, we help you realize it, school celebration gift watch custom manufacturers 500+ custom cases, to provide personalized watch gift cus...
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  • What is the difference between the high and low grades of customized watches from national watch manufacturers?

    What is the difference between the high and low grades of customized watches from national watch manufacturers?   Compared with branded watches, custom watches actually have a lot of peculiarities, because some people may not particularly understand the craftsmanship and methods of custom wa...
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  • What materials are commonly used for watch customization?

    What materials are commonly used for watch customization? Over time, watch customization materials have become more abundant. During this development process, watch customization materials have changed from several to dozens. In the past few decades, stainless steel has become a popular choice be...
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  • A brief introduction to the chamfering of the watch making process

    A brief introduction to the chamfering of the watch making process The simpler the chamfering of the watch making process is often the most difficult. This is the experience summarized by the Altime watch manufacturer in the watch OEM production for 26 years. For example: Simplicity watch design...
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  • Ladies watch customization, elegant feminine beauty

    In the current era of rising fashion trends, the watch can no longer be used as a simple timing tool. It is more a fashion match. In particular, women are increasingly picky about the definition of beauty, so a good ladies watch Customization will make ladies love it even more, let’s take a...
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  • Bring us forever true, hollowed out watch wholesale

    Hollowed out watch is a craft. It is just like paper cutting in ancient Chinese culture. They all have formed patterns. The extra parts should be removed. The craftsmanship should be proficient. The finished products should be free from any unnecessary cumbersome. The watchmaker, based on the mov...
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  • Ershi, a French watch manufacturer

    Shenzhen Ershi watch OEM manufacturer has been focusing on watch processing for 26 years. After 26 years of wind and rain, it is not proud of every customer’s praise, but only to stick to the Buddha’s nature in his heart and to be a boutique watch abroad. Earl’s clock, no matter...
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  • As a manufacturer that can customize watches, Elser will lead the trend of innovation for you!

    Guangdong is the largest watch production base in China. Although there are many watch manufacturers in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, there are obvious differences. The quality of watches produced by Shenzhen watch manufacturers is far higher than that of Guangzhou watch manufacturers. As a result, man...
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  • How to find watch manufacturers? Looking for watch manufacturers to wholesale watches in this way is not only efficient but also reliable

    I want to do some watch business, but I don’t know how to find a suitable watch manufacturer. If an enterprise wants to find a watch manufacturer to provide watch customization and processing services, what can I do? Al clock hopes to help you with this article. How to find watch manufactur...
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  • Watch manufacturers popular: watch manufacturers wholesale business difficult to do, because you do not understand these

    Like watch you, do watch manufacturer wholesale business, do you know the knowledge of these watches? Understand the psychology of customers to buy watches, why not sell them? The first time the word “watch” appeared was Shakespeare’s play “as you like”. It was not u...
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