• The principle of automatic mechanical watch

    Automatic mechanical watch  is based on the structure of ordinary mechanical watch, adding a part of automatic mechanism device, through the action of the watch wearer’s arm movement in daily life automatically winds. The words “Automatic” printed on the dial indicate that it is...
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  • The maintenance knowledge for your Mechanical / automatic watches

    It is good to have a lovely wrist watch,especially got a nice quality high-end watch.You should know how to take good care of it by learning proper care. It is very important to take good care of the automatic watches,so you have to know there is a common and hassle-free ways to take good care of...
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  • Our website is online.

    Shenzhen Aiers Watch Co., Ltd. founded in the year 2005, specializes in design, research, manufacture and sale of watches. Our company is composed of Product ID Department, MD department, Network Department, Marketing Department, Production Department and After-sales Service Department.
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