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This is an automatic Tonneau man watch, meaning the watch is permanently wound when you wear it, or can be manually wound by unscrewing the crown to be manually wound clockwise without having to pull the crown all the way out to set the time – no batteries required.

You can wear it while you’re on sport, business occasion.It can make with different plating colors. Also any custom logo or custom watch design is warmly welcome.

Our mission is to make premium watches accessible, affordable and wearable every day.

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              vaa (3) Name 2023 OEM new design ceramic automatic watch MW1002G-2
Size 45.4*53mm
Case Stainless steel/aluminum case
Movt Automatic movt M2771B
Dial Custom lumed index dial with Japan/Swiss
Glass Sapphire/mineral crystal
Strap Fluororubber strap (22.5mm)
Waterproof 5-10ATM



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Company Profile

SHENZHEN AIERS WATCH CO., LTD started as watch manufacturer since 2005, specializes in design, research, manufacture and sale of watches.
Aiers watch factory is also large-scale professional manufacturer and exporter which made cases and parts for Swiss brands at the beginning.
In order to expand the business, we built our branch especially for customize high quality full watches for brands.
We have more than 200 employees in the production process. Equipped with more than 50 sets CNC cutting machines, 6 sets NC machines, which can help to make sure quality watches for customers and fast delivery time.
With engineer has more than 20 years experience on watch design and watch artisan for more than 30 years experience on assemble,which can help us to provide all kinds of watches for different clients’ requirement.
We can help to solve all the problems from watch design and production with our professional knowledge and skills about watches.
Mainly produce high quality with material stainless steel/bronze/titanium/carbon fiber/Damascus/sapphire/18K gold can be proceed by CNC and Molding.
Full QC system here based on our Swiss quality standard can ensure the steady quality and reasonable technology tolerance. Custom designs and business secrets will be protected all the time.


OEM Design Process


1. Select our factory on case for OEM design.

2. Send us similar images including case/dial/strap for OEM design.

3. Only by send us your brand idea and future brand style,our brand operation Team help for OEM design.

The fast OEM design is 2 hours,by sign NDA your design will be well protected.


Sample and mass order watch making process

When design is confirmed,we start all accessories making.

IQC for all the accessories.

All test for cases/dials/movt/plating.

Professional assembling.

Final test and QC before the shipping.

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Different packing way available

1. Normal for our standard packing,200pcs/ctn,ctn size 42*39*33cm.

2. Or use box(paper/leather/plastic),we suggest one CTN G.W not over 15KGS.

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Advantages and characteristics:

Automatic watches are a popular choice for watch lovers and those who appreciate the art of timekeeping. Known for their complex mechanics and fascinating histories, automatic watches offer a unique set of advantages and features that set them apart from other timepieces.

One of the main advantages of an automatic watch is its self-winding mechanism. Unlike traditional watches, which need to be wound by hand, automatic watches use the natural movement of the wearer's wrist to keep the watch running. This means that there is no need for batteries or manual winding, making maintenance of automatic watches easier and more convenient.



Different packing way available

1. Normal for our standard packing,200pcs/ctn,ctn size 42*39*33cm.


Mechanical watch use precautions

Regular maintenance of your mechanical watch is also important for its proper functioning and longevity. It is recommended that you service your watch every three to five years to ensure that all its parts are clean, lubricated and in good working order. While servicing, the watchmaker will also check for any wear or potential problems that may arise in the future so that they can be addressed and any damage avoided.

It is also recommended to store your mechanical watch in a suitable watch case or case, away from moisture and dust that can damage the watch movement. It is also important to never expose your watch to water unless it is specifically designed to be water resistant.


Automatic watch how to adjust the speed

If your watch is getting too much time, you need to slow down its oscillation frequency. On the other hand, if the watch is inaccurate, the oscillation frequency needs to be increased. The balance wheel is responsible for the rate of oscillation of the watch.

To adjust the speed of your watch, you need to use the watch's balance wheel regulator. The regulator controls the rate at which the balance oscillates by moving the index pin closer to or further away from the balance. You will need a specialized tool to make these adjustments.

When making these adjustments, be sure to make minor changes to the regulator. If you make major changes, you could end up damaging your watch. A general rule of thumb is to adjust no more than a millimeter or two at a time until the desired speed is achieved.

It must be noted that adjusting the speed of an automatic watch is not a once-and-for-all process. The speed of a watch can change over time due to factors such as temperature changes, shock or vibration, or wear and tear on watch components. Therefore, it is best to regularly check the speed of your watch and make any necessary adjustments to ensure optimum performance.



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